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Wood In Architecture Now! Vol 2

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Anyone familiar with H20 Architects’ RMIT Textiles Facilities Building (2000), ARM’s 2005 redesign of Melbourne Central or Melbourne City Council’s CH2 Building will be aware of the applications and re-emergence of timber in contemporary architecture. Sustainable, solid and attractive, one of the oldest available materials known to man has become one of architecture’s most modern and progressive materials in recent years.

After a global survey of the use of the material was compiled for Wood In Architecture Now! in 2011, a second volume has just been released by TASCHEN. Again compiled and edited by architecture writer and long-term editor of Connaissance des Arts, Philip Jodido, Wood In Architecture Now! Vol 2 is a hardcover, 416 page analysis of recent trends, achievements and applications of timber in architecture from around the world.

From a two-story wood cabin overlooking the Pacific completed for a mere$ 30,000, through to a large scale polyurethane-coated wood canopy in Seville (below), the book captures the economical, ecological and inherently natural qualities of wood in its myriad uses around the globe.

Wood In Architecture Now! Vol 2






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