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The Week In Review: Frank Camorra

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Frank Camorra

Chef Frank Camorra and his Hosier Lane bar de tapas y vino MoVida need no introduction. One of the venues that typifies what people love about Melbourne’s CBD, the original MoVida this month celebrates ten years of serving tortilla, gambas, jamon, pescado and manzanilla to the endless parade of locals and visitors who still jostle for a spot at the bar, each and every night.

After throwing a block party to commemorate a milestone in the hospitality game last week, Frank took a moment to share what’s been on his plate this week, now the festivities have settled down…

This week I’m…


The Dr Who’ novelas to my seven-year old son. For some reason he is obsessed with The Doctor.


At the moment I’m watching ‘The Walking Dead’. I have a regular Monday night date with zombies.

Listening to:

Lou Reed’s Back Catalogue – he’s been getting an absolute hiding at my place since his death.

Talking about:

Typhoon Haiyan. Next month through our Bread for Change campaign and in partnership with the Red Cross, we will be raising funds to help provide relief to those affected by the disaster in the Philippines.

Working on:

A new recipe and guidebook with Richard Cornish on the region of Andalusia in Spain. It should be out some time later next year.

Didn’t get around to:

Servicing my car and going to the dentist for a check up – all the ‘fun’ stuff.




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