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The Week In Review: Christopher Boots

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Christopher Boots

Melbourne based lighting designer and manufacturer Christopher Boots is one of most interesting operators out there. His genuinely unique body of work is culmination of the work of a team of glass-blowers, coppersmiths, ceramicists, sculptors, and bronze casters. Aside from creating lighting designs that are striking in their own right, Christopher’s presentation and photography of his work is stylistically rich and high in concept.

This week, Christopher is celebrating the arrival of a new door in his Fitzroy workshop, along with the release of a new lighting series, ASTERIX.  Inspired by the keyboard character of its namesake, the ASTERIX series includes PARALLELOGRAM, UNIX, TRIPTYX and QUADRIX. The designs are so new in fact that images of them do not yet exist, however Christopher describes how “slices of light emanate from mirror polished brass, giving a 21st century take on traditional lanterns”.

Along with his new lighting range, Christopher launches our new Week In Review segment. Many thanks Christopher!


This week I’m…


Too many political posts about how fast and backwards Australia is slipping as the reality of a Liberal Government sets in. We’re fucked, but things have to get worse before they get better. Loving the quality of journalism at The Guardian.


Everyone running around working like mad. I do not own a TV. But I did just start downloading Breaking Bad series 2 (better late than never!)

Listening to:

Everyone running around the studio trying to finish our bathroom renovations in time! Music wise I’m listening to Fleetwood Mac, Disclosure and Paul Kalkbrenner.

Talking about:

The Block, who are shooting in my studio this week and our next product launch on Friday night!

Working on:

A ton of things –  the ASTERIX series, which is being released on Friday, and The Block shooting a lighting challenge in my studio (exciting!), make it a particularly hectic week!

Didn’t get around to:

This is a mean and horrible question designed to inflict guilt.

Christopher Boots


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