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The High Life with Andrew Brown

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Welcome to our series of High Life interviews where we profile a variety of our Neometro residents about their experiences of apartment living.

The first in our series, Andrew, is a writer and strategist working in Advertising. Andrew writes a lot, reads a lot, goes to a lot of movies.


Why did you choose to live at 231 Smith?

We chose 231 Smith Street because it’s a great location and we’d already seen a couple of other Neometro apartments elsewhere that we liked. Plus the boutique design of the apartment felt very different to other places we’d seen, it’s spacious for a one bedder, and isn’t in a block of a hundred flats.


How does the apartment suit your lifestyle?

The apartment suits our lifestyle in many ways, not least of which is how easy it is to relax after a busy day. It’s spacious and light, feels very calm and is handy for a huge choice of bars and restaurants nearby.

What is your favourite part of the apartment?

My favourite part of the apartment? Difficult to choose. I love the great large headed shower, the cleverly designed kitchen, the high ceiling, the general high standard of the fixtures and materials. Really, just the fact that everything looks great!


What’s your weekend morning ritual?

Switching on the dishes and laundry then leaving for breakfast. Plenty of places to chose from so we usually try somewhere new.

What do you look forward to coming home to?

I look forward to coming home to the peace and quiet! Despite being in a busy area our place is well insulated from street noise, making it easy to relax. A couple of sliding doors make it easy to change the feel of the living and study areas.

Have you had a chance to get to know your neighbours? 

A few, though surprisingly we don’t bump into many, there are only 15 apartments. There’s a mix of owner-occupiers and renters, but everyone seems friendly.

How do you find apartment living?

We love apartment living, but I’m not sure I’d say the same if it were a less thoughtfully created space. Long term we may rent out this property, but if we move we don’t plan on moving far.


What do you do to exercise and relax in inner city living?

I walk to work most mornings which gives me a solid 50 minutes of exercise and thinking time along the way. There are parks not more than ten minutes in most directions too so we don’t really miss a garden.

In your opinion, what’s the most important aspect to apartment design?

I think smart use of space and quality materials make the best apartment experience. Our place is certainly not the usual. Little touches remind us every day that we made the right choice here.


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