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The Future of Living: Designing Out of Small Spaces

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The profile of apartment dwellers have changed, no longer is an apartment a transitional point to save for the detached suburban home. Buyers are now considering a lifetime of apartment dwelling, and our designs must meet the challenge of providing a space that not only will stand the test of time, but will adapt around an occupier through their own life transitions.

Chris McCue, Director of Architecture at Carr Design Group, led a panel of speakers for a multi-disciplinary discussion on apartment design as a part of Carr’s Spring Breakfast Series. From the perspective of architecture, development, marketing and sales, the morning looked at how a positive perception of apartment living can be built in Australia.


The tension between designing generously sized apartments that retain a profitable yield for developers divides the market. The rising square meter cost of apartments is driven by increasing land and building costs and fueled by fierce competition for acquisitions. New sites carry significant overheads that often justify compromised apartment designs.

“People will live in the apartments regardless if they own or rent them, the well being of the resident needs to be considered,” said Neometro’s Jeff Provan. “Neometro’s design philosophy is to over deliver; we place design standards on ourselves and always apply the ‘would I live here?’ test.”


An apartment must aim to give the resident psychological satisfaction. “A poorly designed apartment is noticeable the moment you walk in the door.”



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