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The Baron's Palate Pop Up

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Fitzroy venue and event collective The Baron Said are about to launch their most ambitious project to date. 

In a backstreet warehouse in Fitzroy, The Baron’s Palate is a series of four unique events that entwine art, design, drinking and dining in a thoroughly non-traditional fashion.

Co-director Jasmin Lefer’s explains “the desire is to create an experience that uniquely incorporates the three great fields of design, food and art, and deliver them in a way that will refresh peoples perceptions”.

The collective take their name from a character created by 18th century scholar and writer Sir Martin Lang, in whose book “The Intangible Mask” is the story of ‘The Baron’, an anonymous nobleman famous for extravagant parties.

The Baron’s Palate features the work of designers including Aaron McKenzie, Andre Hnatojko, Christopher Boots, Marc Pascal, Mark Douglass, Ilan el and Volker Haug; cocktails by the West Winds Gin and food creations by Andreas Papadakis of Comida Bebe, Matt Forbes and Anthony Hart of The Press Club Group.

Launching Thursday, 18 July, the four nights are set to be memorable combination of food, art, design and fine spirits that will ensure all in attendance are exactly that.


“Exhibition and launch”: Thursday 19 July, 7-11pm
West Winds Gin cocktails by Jason Chan, art inspired food items Comida Bebe. $29 for 2 cocktails and food.

“Dessert Palate”: Friday 20 July, 7pm – 11pm
Drinks by West Winds Gin and Fog City Sangria, food by head pastry chef Anthony Hart, The Press Club Group. $55 for 2 cocktails and food.

“Restaurant Theatre”: Saturday 21 July, 7pm – 11pm
West Winds Gin cocktails by Jason Chan and a series of food creations by Comida Bebe taking inspiration from the art shown on the night. Served on light boxes, suspended floating shelves and two-meter long perspex tubes.

“High Tea”: Sunday 22 July, 3pm – 7pm
Sparkling wines by Neil Prentice, tea, coffee and a spread of high tea foods by Matt Forbes. $55 all inclusive.

The Baron’s Palate

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(images: warehouse interior, exterior and previous events)



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