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Open Journal is a big fan of businesses and projects that make a contribution to the broader community. With this in mind we would like to share with you Smiling Mind – a modern meditation program for young people. It is a simple web and app-based tool developed by a team of renowned psychologists with expertise in youth and adolescent therapy.

Smiling Mind was founded by Jane Martino, along with Neometro director and publisher of Open Journal, James Tutton. Both being parents of young children and realising the pressures facing them, the pair wanted to put their energy into an endeavour that would make steps to prevent mental health problems among Australia’s youth.

Since launching in October 2012, the program has 40,000 users, is active in 900 schools and is undertaking research projects in partnership with Monash University.

To keep the good work going, this month, Smiling Mind is running a “Smile Drive” to raise funds for the year ahead. The money raised during the Smile Drive campaign will be used to develop new programs, increase the presence of Smiling Mind in schools and develop partnerships with key youth and mental health organisations.

Smiling Mind invites you to buy a smile for $50 and be a part of the Smile Drive to positively impact the young minds of Australia. Their work simply cannot continue without these Smiles.

You can find out more and buy a smile at Smiling Mind’s website, or by clicking the banner below.

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