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  • Feature images of 'Zeal' by Marise Maas (left) & The Ice-cream Millionaire by Michael Taylor 

4th November, 2020.

Otomys Contemporary represents a diverse and engaging stable of established artists from all over the world. Otomys current exhibition, SMALLS, curates a selection of engaging works unified by a one directive.

Opening today, SMALLS is an online exhibition anchored by one simple stipulation – that the work submitted by the 15 invited artists must be underpinned by an interpretation of ‘small.’

'Tangle' by Alexia Vogel

‘Tangle’ by Alexia Vogel

This year’s exhibition brings together a preeminent selection of established artists from all over the world – from San Diego to Melbourne and Alice Springs to Cape Town – with all being asked to respond to their own interpretation of the scale of SMALL. The result is a wonderful representation of mediums and dynamics from 15 exceptional invited artists, and evokes a strong spirit of global connection at a time when this is especially resonant. 

Unlike its definition, interpretation of the word ‘small’ is complex. This exhibition is an exploration of this complexity within the context of art. 

The included works derive from myriad countries, cultures, mediums and motivations yet are powerfully unified by each artist’s unique perception of what denotes ‘small.’ Though this notion may be predominantly physical, the ability for art to amplify, resonate and reverberate lends to a potency that is anything but meagre. 

'Fat for Love' by Ed Burkes

‘Fat for Love’ by Ed Burkes

As the world navigates disruption, it is the quiet power of the small, possibly minuscule moments and connections, that may ultimately prove to be our redemption. Perhaps that in itself is an idea worthy of articulation through art…  

SMALLS is an online exhibition running from 04.11.20 – 18.11.20.

Please click here to enter the viewing room.

Words | Tiffany Jade & Otomys Contemporary 


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