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A lot can happen from a little. That’s the concept behind Shout, a new app-based micro donation platform designed to raise funds for non-profit and charity organisations in a fun, easy and socially connected way.

Taking the common social interaction of buying a friend a beer, coffee, lunch or movie ticket, Shout facilitates donations by enabling donors to ‘shout’ registered organisations the value of a range of small everyday items – things that most of us consume on a daily basis and while are seemingly insignificant amounts on their own, when amassed have the potential to create a significant income stream for non-profit and charity causes.

After downloading the Shout app and registering their details at first log-on, users are able to make small shouts at the touch of a smart-phone… and if everyone who purchased a take away coffee in the morning made a donation of that value to their favourite cause even just once a week, it’s easy to see the potential for these cumulative donations to make a huge difference.

As well as harnessing the power of what can be achieved by a lot of people sharing a little, Shout is an endeavour to harnesses current technology and people’s use of smart phones, apps and social media to raise funds for good causes in an innovative an unobtrusive way. If that means a few less door-knockers and backpackers intercepting us on the street, we’re sure you’ll agree it’s indeed a good thing…

So next time you’re in line waiting for a take-away coffee, download the app and ‘shout’ a meal to Foodbank Victoria, a movie ticket to the Lighthouse Foundation or a couple of coffees with a mentor to Kids Under Cover.



By Matt Hurst


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