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Salone del Mobile 2022 | Leading Design Forward.

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  • Imagery Ludovica Mangini via Salone del Mobile.Milano

15th June, 2022

After a two year hiatus, Salone del Mobile 2022 returned last week with a whirlwind of design events which gave insight into global proficiency across aesthetics, technology, innovation and themes of cultural, environmental and economic importance. Across myriad platforms ranging from product exhibitions, public installations, workshops, talks and multi-faceted immersive experiences, the world’s design pioneers were on show. We take a look at a few of the events that will resonate long after the design world leaves Milan to return to their individual pockets of the world. 


INSIDE LOOKING OUT – By H+O, Atelier Areti, Elisa Ossino Studio, File Under Pop, Dux, Karakter, Tubes and VZug.

This multi-sensory apartment installation curated by design studio H+O, explored the relationship between humans and nature and how, after a long period of being largely confined to our homes, we are leaning into a sensorially immersion in nature through intentional design. Working with natural and raw materials, colours which directly conjure a connection to nature, literal images of animals and abstract allusions to nature through a collection pieces from Italian and Danish designers including Karakter, Atelier Areti, Dux, V-Zug, File Under Pop, Tubes etc., design has been leveraged to  alludes to, mimics and figuratively introduces nature into the residential experience. 

'Inside Looking Out' by H+O. Photography by Giorgio Possenti

'Inside Looking Out' by H+O. Photography by Giorgio Possenti

‘Inside Looking Out’ by H+O. Photography by Giorgio Possenti


This multidisciplinary symposium represented a strong fashion industry presence at Salone del Mobile 2022 and a united design front across myriad disciplines which share a responsibility for better design for a more sustainable future. 

Across four sessions – Contextualising, Narrating, Framing and Sensing, the symposium dissected and discussed the relationship between the environment and all knowledge and culture. Scientists, architects, designers, artists, activists, anthropologists, and law experts speak authoritatively and concisely on their field in relation to its connection to nature, how it can glean more from nature and how it can mediate between nature and design to inform new future methodologies.

You can watch any of the sessions here.

Curated by Formafantasma and held at Biblioteca Nazionale Braidens, ‘Prada Frames’ utilised minimal design interventions intentionally allowing the location to stand out as a major site of collective knowledge in Milan. Image courtesy of Prada.


Returning for its fourth year, Rossana Orlandi’s Guiltless Plastic Prize highlights the incredible breadth of creative ingenue and sustainable practises across the field of design. The prize recognises the limitless possibility for transforming plastic waste into products that exude aesthetic and pragmatic excellence. Traditionally culminating in an awards ceremony and exhibition as part of Salone del Mobile, this years prize recipients have demonstrated plastics incredible potential for renewal across the product design, urban design, education and innovation.

‘Foamy’ by Balance Is Motion – winner of the Ro Plastic Prize Urban & Public Design category.

Words | Tiffany Jade


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