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Paper Factor. Another Skin

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  • Google Muuto installation by Google/Muuto/Reddymade/Hopkins University for “Space for Being” during Milan Design Week 2019.

    Google Muuto installation by Google/Muuto/Reddymade/Hopkins University for “Space for Being” during Milan Design Week 2019.

15th April, 2020.

Rising above the sensorial wonderland of design talent exhibited at Milan Design Week each year is an enormous feat. Paper Factor rose to the challenge and caught the eye of the larger design industry last year with their incredibly beautiful and highly innovative evolution of the humble papier-mâché.

Paper Factor has been crafted over two generations with the result being a solid surface material of exceptional quality and elegantly minimal aesthetics. Its presence in an interior brings both artisanal and contemporary qualities introducing an elevated and tactile ambience that is immediately alluring. Made from a new compound of micro-paper the material has been scientifically tested and developed in Italy in collaboration with the University of Salento.

Paper Factor is strong, durable, and incredibly light. Its breadth of aesthetic use is staggeringly impressive. Not only is the product indelibly beautiful, it is also highly sustainable, assembled in a straight forward mosaic technique, and has an impressive breadth of aesthetic suitability – a design trifecta. Available in various formats and combinations — from large panels to small modules — it is ideal for covering both vertical and horizontal surfaces: ceilings, floors, as well as furniture.

Paper Factor was founded by the architect Riccardo Cavaciocchi, and now has offices in both Lecce and New York.  It has been tested, finalised and used for over 35 years in the art of restoration by Riccardo’s mother, the accomplished restorer Lidiana Miotto. Today Riccardo has brought this cellulose compound to the contemporary interior design field, developing new methods and techniques for production.

The core production of Paper Factor focuses on its interior design application, offering a collection of selected skins or solid elements to create 3D scenarios. The skins are crafted using a unique convergence of old and new techniques. Created both by hand and by machines the result is derived from the contrasting qualities of homogeneity, tradition, and physical manipulation and experimentation. The products, always customisable, even in their standard versions, retain details of happy imperfection in homage to their origins in manual work. 

The variety of Paper Factor patterns is infinite. The impasto is worked with natural pigments, pressed carefully by hand onto moulds obtained from digital supports, and dried slowly in a special drying chamber. The dried products are trimmed, calibrated and polished with manual and CNC machines and can be applied in their finished form to walls, ceilings or furniture. 

This innovative, bespoke process answers to the ongoing quest in the world of design and architecture for new manufacturing techniques and novel ways of expression. Paper Factor’s evolutionally journey is continuous and malleable to the challenges present in collaboration with designers and architects. The spaces that harness the qualities of this material are imbued with a creative ornamentation accomplished via Paper Factor’s profound adaptability and unique beauty.

Images by Edoardo Delille and Giulia Piermartiri


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