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Shit My Monocle Says

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If you’ve flipped through the publication recently and thought it all feels not quite as fresh as it did five years ago, you’re not the only one…

Enter Monocle Ipsum… A simple little idea that turns universal standard placeholder text Lorem Ipsum text into Monocle magazine inspired dummy text, delivering as much finer-things-in-life filler text as you need. 

“Conversation bespoke artisanal destination concierge bureaux Ginza emerging premium essential intricate iconic uniforms. Marylebone Asia-Pacific liveable hand-crafted, pintxos Boeing 787 discerning alluring Zürich Toto Porter Nordic delightful elegant.”

Fake Monocle Ipsum may be, but Oh Monocle! is not – in the vein of Shit My Dad Says, Oh Monocle! is a Twitter feed of lines taken straight from the source, and while admittedly are slightly out of context in their 140 character Twitter form, are amusingly ridiculous at times…

“I realised there was a gap for tailored perfumes the day I was in an elevator w/ a person wearing the same eau de toilette as me.” (Issue 61, page 172)

“If you go down to the woods today – you’re in for a rustic Swedish architectural surprise.”  (Issue 57, page 01)

“A tastefully cut blazer reminds observers that this business-minded autocrat is not on autopilot.” (Issue 56, page 63)

Source: Monocle Ipsum  |   Oh Monocle!






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