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KAWS at Point Leo Estate & Sculpture Park

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2nd December, 2020.

A couple of weeks ago, a small gathering came together to celebrate the quiet but highly anticipated unveiling of a monumental piece of artwork at Point Leo Estate & Sculpture Park. Cult New York based street artist KAWS made his mark on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula with a 5.5m sculpture in his trademark cartoonist style.

Since opening in 2017, Pt Leo Estate’s Sculpture Park has had the intent to foster a globally relevant and resonant collection of sculptural works. The park is a breathtaking convergence of architecture, food and wine, natural coastal landscape, and art with this latest sculpture taking pride of place within its retinue. 

Titled Share, the sculpture continues KAWS’s distinct narrative begun with his solo exhibition at the NGV earlier in the year called Companionship In The Age of Loneliness. Share continues the themes and naunces KAWS has become known for which place emotional connection at the forefront of his work. Cast from bronze and holding sentry over the parks highly acclaimed portfolio of Australian and international works, Share’s arrival has altered the dynamic of the landscape. Curator Geoffry Edwards has sensitively integrated the piece into the larger fabric of its aspect while also amplifying its resonance through innovative lighting, orientation and the effect it has on proximity pieces. The result is an orchestration of elements that work in concert to highlight the emotional attributes of the piece and project them out for the enjoyment of visitors day and night. 

In a year beleaguered with political, social, health and environmental turbulence, the notion of sharing couldn’t be more engaging and the inclusion of this sculpture in Pt Leo Estate’s portfolio is fitting on so many levels. 


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