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Forage for Melbourne’s best recipes

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  • Photo: Jessica Shaver

Chefs from Victorian institutions including Cookie, Auction Rooms, Estelle Bistro, Charlie Dumpling, Cumulus Inc and Huxtable have come together for the first time, providing their renowned recipes for the new Forage Cookbook.

Instigated by Julia Jenkins and Calum Foulner, proceeds of the book will go to local charity Upside Nepal to create and support agriculture enterprise in Nepal. Presales of the book aim to raise $25,000 to balance the print costs, shipping and warehousing of the book.

Photo: Jessica Shaver

Photo: Jessica Shaver

“The recipes and pictures for the cookbook were sourced and photographed during an epic 3,000km road trip, criss-crossing the state, visiting the people and places that make Victoria’s culinary scene one of the world’s most diverse and exciting,” said Julia.

“We want to share the paddock-to-plate connection with the Australian people, and in turn, through partnership with Australian charity Upside Nepal, support village development through agriculture enterprise in Nepal. We aim to raise $100K for Upside Nepal,” added Calum.


Photo: Jessica Shaver

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