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Collingwood Yards Part III | Opening.

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  • Visualisation by Kaleido.

3rd March, 2021

After more than four years of going by the moniker “CAP”, standing in for either Contemporary Arts Precincts or Collingwood Arts Precinct at various times, we’re excited to be opening the former Collingwood Tech site with a new name: Collingwood Yards.

Collingwood Yards, located on the site of the former Collingwood Technical School between Johnston and Perry Streets, is opening to the public on Saturday 13 March. Already you can explore the grounds and visit traders who are open to the public.

Designed in collaboration with Fieldwork, Collingwood Yards is populated by over 50 separate tenancies including 17 artist studios, a radio station, a performance space and a large public courtyard Collingwood Yards is an exciting and inspiring example of creative diversity. As well as forming a home to its artists and arts workers, guests, collaborators and the general public are soon to be welcomed on to the site, creating their own connections and sense of community and place.

As an independent not-for-profit social enterprise Collingwood Yards protects the emerging artists and arts organisations who are central to the greater community and Melbourne’s creative future. With affordable rents and structured support, Collingwood Yards works alongside and for tenants to ensure that the arts have a place in the inner-city for perpetuity.

‘Collingwood Yards’ emerged from a long search for a name that would both honour the legacy of the site as a place of learning and community and speak to its future as an open space for collaboration and curiosity. The name itself came from archives — drawing from one of the colloquial names for the site as “The Tech’ Yards.” 

Collingwood Technical School Circa 1931.

From the beginning of the process the intent existed to retain ‘Collingwood’ in the name, to keep its distinctive local identity and anchor it in its physical location. The meeting of these important themes – location, legacy and future is now reflected in the new name: Collingwood Yards, a place for the local community to wander through a leafy outdoor space, experience creativity at work and engage with the neighbourhood. 

Visualisation by Kaleido.

Collingwood Yards has now reached an exciting new milestone as the space heads towards its opening.  

Collingwood Yards is officially opening on Saturday 13 March, and celebrating with a site-wide Open Day, full of music, markets, food, drinks and open studios. All welcome!

Words | Courtesy of Collingwood Yards

Images | Courtesy of Fieldwork and Kaleido


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