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Building a Smiling Mind: Mindfulness and High Density Happiness

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Neometro Director James Tutton has co-authoured his first book with Smiling Mind.

“Neometro has always had a commitment to creating homes which support people’s well being. I think in a lot of ways this passion for people’s health is replicated in the time, love and energy which we’ve invested into Smiling Mind in the past few years,” says James.

Neometro’s vision of High Density Happiness focuses on providing a social contribution in a our development projects, supporting positive well being for our residents and the broader community.

Alongside Neometro, James co-founded Smiling Mind in 2012 with Jane Martino. It is now Australia’s largest mindfulness meditation training program with a presence on the curriculum of more than 10,000 teachers and a workplace program that operates in companies like IBM, Origin, Porter Davis and BP.

On March 1st Smiling Mind celebrated the milestone achievement of 1,000,000 downloads.

Smiling Mind is now looking offline with a hardcover pocketbook on how to embrace mindfulness and manage anxiety and stress – even for people who might not think meditation is for them.

Proceeds from sales of the book will help Smiling Mind continue to offer free mindfulness resources, deliver Smiling Mind’s in-school program to young Australians and achieve the vision of mindfulness meditation appearing on the Australian curriculum by 2020.


Jane Martino and James Tutton

Extract from Jane Martino in Smiling Mind’s very first book “Smiling Mind: Mindfulness Made Easy”
“This book is the perfect guide for anyone who thinks they’re too busy, or they’re too stressed, or they’re not the right kind of person, to take a moment to embrace mindfulness and put their worries into perspective,” says James.

“In high school I was too busy being a ratbag to sit and meditate. I was every mother’s worst nightmare – an encyclopedia of anti-social behavior. Through finding mindfulness as an adult, I have been able to engage with life with less stress, more care, empathy and an open heart.”

“Life for most of us consists of incessant emails, phone calls, projects, school pick-ups and drop-offs, exercise, study, catching up with friends and family, sporting commitments, working hard to earn a living, birthday parties… and the list goes on.

All of this activity, seemingly connecting us with the world and each other, so often leaves many of us feeling, well, cold. We find ourselves fervently searching for connection as if it were the final prize in a treasure hunt and we’re quickly running out of time. The irony is, connection is more often than not right in front of us. A meaningful exchange with a stranger, a long run on the beach, the chance to speak in front of hundreds of people — OK, that is probably more like a nightmare, but you get my drift.

We are so very busy that we miss the chance to marvel in the small things, and we miss the chance to stop and think about what we can do for others — all things which lead to a closer connection to others and to ourselves.

You see, meditation has made me a much better person, but not in a cliche, ‘my life is soooo perfect’ kind of way — quite the opposite, actually.

It has given me freedom.”

Smiling Mind: Mindfulness Made Easy is available in all major bookstores and online, with an audio and e-version also available.


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