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Open Journal's Bayside Series # 1

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Armed with a bicycle and a smartphone, over the summer break Open Journal’s Jeff Provan  captured a magnificent series of shots from Melbourne’s Bayside neighbourhoods, from the inner city enclaves of St Kilda and Elwood through to the Mornington Peninsula and everywhere in between… In Jeff’s words:

“Melbourne has a shoreline of about 250 kilometers, which encompasses such a varied range of geography, landscapes, building structures and uses.

Over summertime our coastline also becomes the place for holiday makers and the diverse activities we enjoy during this wonderful interface of water and land and weather. When the morning and evening light strikes, you begin to see beautiful things in what is perhaps the ‘ordinary’!

The spontaneity that comes with a smart phone and accessibility afforded by a bike means one can capture moments of beautiful light and frame these scenes, patterns and textures.”


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