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17 Union Street, Brunswick.

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December 1st, 2021.

17 Union Street, Brunswick by Neometro™ embodies the spirit of its community exuding an ease of high-density living within Melbourne’s inner-urban milieu.

 17 Union Street, Brunswick was idealised from the outset to deliver better apartments for its dynamic locale. Within a neighbourhood teeming with cultural diversity reflected across everything from restaurants and shops, parks and infrastructure, homes and people, the community of Melbourne’s inner north was in dire need of more housing which would embrace all these aspects while also contributing to the public realm.  

Via a like-minded collaboration between Neometro™, BKK Architects and Clare Cousins Architects, the development of 1,2 & 3 bedroom apartments has realised much more than homes to instead emerge as its own micro community intrinsically linked to the larger one on its doorstep.

Devised to support the driving influences on current and future liveability, the homes at 17 Union Street are distinguished by resilient materials, timeless aesthetics, and an innovative use of space which mediates between necessities of amenity in the apartments themselves, versus what is immediately accessible to residents within striking distance or within the developments communal areas.

Amidst an Australian palette complimented by robust materials designed to wear in as opposed to out, the apartments have been impeccably resolved with every inch measured out in precise quantities to find an equilibrium between use and beauty. A thoughtful economy of space is evident though the intentional eschewing of those elements that can be relegated to the outside. A rooftop space for example is both a social space, connection to nature and the civic verve of the area, as well as a place for clothes lines and veggie gardens.

Kitchens are sleek areas where the art and etiquette of cooking can be indulged without compromising either space or social connection, while bathrooms are generously proportioned in keeping with a growing understanding of the importance of daily ritual and self care.  

As the magnetism of belonging to an established neighbourhood with all the attractions of parks and gardens, arterials for transport, easy meals and vibrant events sustains, the virtues of vertical living are becoming more and more defined. Better apartments for Brunswick means embracing all the colour and grit of the area and crafting homes that seamlessly fit into the existing tone of liveability so that one of Melbourne’s most definitive pockets can continue to nurture a kaleidoscope of humanity living, dining, shopping and loving their corner of the world. 

There is currently a 1-bedroom apartment for sale at 17 Union Street. The last remaining listing before the development is sold out. View listing here.

Project images courtesy of Neometro™

Photography by Derek Swalwell

Styling by In Good Company

Words by Tiffany Jade


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