by Neometro

The High Density Happiness Photography Exhibition

Design - by Open Journal

Good apartment design is more than fashionable appliance brands and glossy marketing brochures.

Apartment buildings need to provide housing that supports the physical and mental wellbeing of its occupants. Development must be underpinned by durable design principles to plan ahead for generations of inhabitants.

For over thirty years Neometro has been designing spaces for long term living, where the value of functional, adaptable floorplans and quality, low maintenance materials ensures the ongoing social and environmental sustainability of our cities. Across the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Neometro delivers live and work spaces that wear in, not wear out.

This exhibition revisits a number of Neometro residents to celebrate a life well lived amongst family, work, gardens, bicycles, pets, art, music and eclectic possessions.

Photography by Derek Swalwell.

Where: 17 Union Street, Brunswick.

Opening Hours: Sat and Sun 11-1pm, Wed 4.30-6.30pm.

Photo: Benjamin Hosking



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