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Temple: A Brunswick Brewery

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Brunswick East’s Temple Brewery was a welcome staple at the Open Journal launch party at Jewell Station. We asked Mark a few questions about the local brewery.

Tell us about how Temple Brewery came about?

The name “Temple” came from the birth place of beer. Some 8000 years ago in Babylon where they brewed beers in temples.

The brewery equipment at Temple is exposed and open to see, how important do you think it is to communicate the brewery process to the consumer?

Apart from the beer itself, education about how we brew beer is hugely important to us. It is only four basic ingredients, malt, hops, yeast & water.

What influenced Temple Brewery to open in Brunswick? How does the Brunswick environment support the business?

Your local community is such a great asset for any small business, we are involved in many local programs in our area, and the community supports us back by stocking our beers or bringing people to our venue. Our site is one of the closest breweries to Melbourne CBD, this also allows us to pull on tourism coming into town

The graphics and branding of beer if a major force in the industry, how does Temple Brewery approach its visual identity?

Keep it simple, attractive and innovative.

How do you see craft beer production contributes to the life of Melbourne and its exploding hospitality scene?

We are seeing a huge move across from mainstream beers in Melbourne. It happened with Cheese, bread and coffee now its craft beers turn in the spotlight. We are so lucky here that we have a great independent bar, pub and retail scene to help support this change in drinking.

Take us through Temple Brewery’s flavour, how do you think it will fare against other Australian craft beers?

We are about true to style brewing. This means that we are re-creating traditional styles as best we can. You don’t see to many crazy, whacky beers coming out from us.

What is your favourite Temple beer?

At the moment I would say our Anytime Pale Ale.

Where can we buy Temple Brewery beer, do you have plans for broader distribution?

Locally you can find us here. Retail: McCoppins bottle shops, Carwyn Cellars, Dan Murphy. Pubs: Empress Hotel, The Standard Hotel, Horse Bazaar.

And we are distributed nationally, and also into China and New Zealand.

Temple Brewery is at 122 Weston St, Brunswick East




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