by Neometro

Introducing Open Journal’s New Urban Village Film Series

Design - by Open Journal

Neometro partnered with SIRAP motion lab to make a series of four films on our New Urban Village at Jewell Station.

Bike Workshop

Like good coffee, bike workshops in Brunswick are integral to everyday life. A secure workshop is just the place to tweak the gears on your road racer, oil your cycle cross, or simply hook up with other cycling lovers before heading off down the newly-restored Upfield bike path.


Urban Farming

Innovative urban farming group 3000acres connects people to land, to resources, and to each other. Dedicated to environmentally-conscious food farming for healthier living, the team from 3000acres are working with Neometro to establish several communal gardens in the New Urban Village. Residents can choose to participate in the art of growing and sharing fresh produce.


Public Art Commission

After successful collaborations on previous Neometro projects, Utopian Slumps will again contribute their curatorial talents. Following a public call-out, founding director Melissa Loughnan is commissioning an interactive piece for the precinct, one that will stimulate both mind and soul.


Meditation Spaces

Community wellbeing is at the core of Neometro’s philosophy and passion for High Density Happiness. Meditation and yoga spaces are a natural extension of this outlook. In a busy urban life, having a quiet place for contemplation and reflection is integral to sustaining balance and inner prosperity.


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