by Neometro

In Built Design with Clare Cousins

Architecture - by Laura Phillips

Engaged in projects large
and small, Clare Cousins Architects celebrates the experience of space and life within it. The collaboration with Neometro at Jewell Station explores efficiency 
of space – bringing delight
 to everyday living with a 
focus on quality, longevity, and materiality. Clare talks about the shift from designing single residential homes to multi-residential apartment projects and what, to her, is good apartment design.

Jewell Station Apartments designed by Clare Cousins. Photo: Derek Swalwell.

Clare Cousins Architects is well known for designing fantastic single residential projects. How did you approach the shift to multi- residential apartment design at Jewell Station?

We love well-designed, efficient space and with apartment living this is essential. Details are considered for practicality, durability and delight. We believe quality can be achieved across quantity but it requires a careful consideration of the finer details. The custom solid timber handles used throughout the apartments are one of our favourite features.

The biggest difference between multi- residential developments such as Jewell Station and our single residential projects is not having the opportunity to collaborate directly with the end user. We approach this by considering how different people might inhabit the space and how we ourselves would occupy it. We consider how small daily rituals would unfold in a space, where are the keys kept? How would you entertain in 
an apartment or where would you do the washing?

Jewell Station Apartments designed by Clare Cousins. Photo: Derek Swalwell.

There is often a disconnect in the development industry between treating apartments as a commodity and the reality of them being someone’s home- regardless if the resident is renting or owns. How do you think architects can shift this public perception?

Good design considers how people live and this should be no different whether someone rents or is an owner-occupier. I am keen to see the industry set minimum apartment standards that prioritise quality and liveability. We need to lift the standard like other Australian states forcing developers to comply. There is such a variety of quality available in the apartment market, which 
is why we choose to only work with socially driven developers to design quality housing.

What materials are essential for longevity and how have you applied these at Jewell Station?

Materials at Jewell Station are robust, practical and beautiful. Solid timber handles, shades of warm grey and oak flooring provide an enduring interior composition. Where possible we try to use natural and textured materials that will stand up to daily wear & tear over time.
We love to use common materials in uncommon ways.


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