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  • Walsh Street by Neometro. Photo: Derek Swalwell

Australia has long enjoyed a reputation as a country that provides a huge scope of opportunity. Culturally, economically and agriculturally, this “lucky” country has attracted massive migration throughout its colourful history and has emerged with many accolades proclaiming it to be a hugely liveable corner of the planet.

Today, 2 centuries into our current story, we are bursting at the seams having welcomed our 25 millionth Australian into the world last year. With 66% of the population living in the greater metropolitan areas of our 8 capital cities where are we all living???? 

We have, naturally, been experiencing a building boom for a while now in order to accomodate not only the growing population, but the evolving age groups that dominate that population. Simply put, there are unprecedented numbers of young adults and families in the market for new housing and, unless we want to put an end date on our eco-system by encroaching outside current metropolitan footprints to areas dedicated to other important land uses, we must go up. 

Embracing apartment life is obviously not a recent epiphany.  The high-rises that seem to pop up overnight in inner urban areas are testimony to the fact that we, as a nation, understand the future is in multi-residential living. Yet so many of these towers stand empty prompting the conclusion that, while we may be building at a rapid rate, we are simply not building the right kinds of homes. 

Desiging and building apartments that are more conducive to long-term living is the key. Aparments that offer space, community, green areas and full amenity both inside and out. Homes that provide upwards of 2 bedrooms, flexible living spaces, an abundance of storage, natural light and the opportunity to become life-long homes in the same capacity that the single family home has.

Rooftop green space at 17 Union Street by NEOMETRO.

Well designed apartments are out there and becoming more and more common and High Density Living has been conceived to discuss and applaud them. To highlight the good design parameters that put into practise innovative design and build techniques and harness the existing climate and culture of our metropolitan areas, and the essence of their surrounding communities, that attracts diverse buyers drawn to the heartbeat of those areas.

High Density Living is a platform conceived to discuss, highlight and promote ideas and examples of high density homes designed to achieve happiness. High density happiness.

Words by Tiffany Jade.


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