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Brunswick Arts Space at Jewell Station

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Neometro is partnering with not-for-profit Brunswick Arts Space for a series of popup exhibitions at the New Urban Village at Jewell Station.

Since moving on from Brunswick’s Little Breese Street, Brunswick Arts Space has been a gallery-at-large, curating various exhibitions examining the idea of urbanisation and change, and the creative opportunities of an uncertain future.

The first show to open at 15A Union Street Brunswick is entitled ‘Animal Kingdom.’ Brunswick’s Urban Jungle is the catalyst for an exploration of the changes and hierarchies that are quickly developing in our suburbs and cities. What’s it like being the little animal in the big city?

Over the coming months, the space at Jewell Station will show a variety of works under the themes of Hallozeen Twennysistene, Graphic Lines and High Rise.

Public art is a major component of the New Urban Village at Jewell by Neometro, with a major public art competition soon to launch, a mural piece by renowned local artist Ash Keating currently adjacent to the Upfield bike path at 15A Union Street, ongoing partnerships with Moreland City Councils’ MoreArt program and with RMIT Arts and Design Schools.

The Brunswick Arts Space at Jewell Station popup series will launch on Saturday the 24th of September from 6pm at 15A Union Street Brunswick.

More information can be found at Brunswick Arts Space online.


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